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About The NorthStar Project

NorthStar Project shifts ideas into successful policies

As a think tank dedicated to strengthening Oklahoma education, NorthStar contributes analytical support to empower educators and the public to advance policy ides that make life better for all Oklahomans.

Why we focus on TPS

Education is a foundation issue that affects all public life.
Tulsa Public Schools is Oklahoma's largest school district.

K-12 education determines Oklahoma's future.

The next generation's academic, social, and entrepreneurial abilities are the feeder function that affects all public life.

TPS's operations are currently failing kids, teachers, and families.

88% of ALL TPS students fail to achieve grade proficiency. Most are not prepared to learn, work, and build families.

Substantial leadership and policy reforms are needed.

More time and money on TPS's current trajectory will not solve the real problems preventing teachers from teaching.

The Tulsa school board is the vehicle for real reform.

Oklahoma law and natural reason require that productive reform must come locally, not from the state.

Building Healthy Consensus

Composing the
Tulsa Reform Path

  • All educational goals will not work when kids cannot read. 88% of ALL students in Tulsa Public Schools are not testing at grade level proficiency, but literacy rates are 7x higher at favored TPS elementary schools than most others. Policies that do not promote reading comprehension, thinking, and responses to written words will not work.

  • Tulsa loses over 1/3 of its licensed teachers every two years due to a hostile work environment and unnecessary obstacles to teaching. There is not a single source cause for this situation, but increased pay alone will not solve it. The leadership culture at TPS is dysfunctional and psychologically harmful to teachers, parents, and involved administrators. Teaching and learning will not increase without establishing a culture of unified educators working together and honoring one another's expertise.

  • Tulsa Public Schools can increase teacher and support pay substantially today. However, millions of dollars are squandered on alternative agendas, outside consultants, and temporary programs that come and go with grants. Prioritizing more funds to those staff who interact directly with students and parents, hiring more staff, and restructuring the overly-outsourced HR functions of TPS must be a plank of fruitful reform.

  • TPS board meetings are dominated by a politically-driven faction that votes 100% together without regard for input from teachers, parents, or the community that doesn't fit a pre-determined narrative. All decisions are currently made by a handful of people, most who are not known to the public. Instead, more authority needs to move to the perimeter of the organizational structure and into the classroom. The TPS Board of Education must be comprised of persons who are not beholden to special interests, but who are responsive to the community and all constituent groups affected by board policies.

  • Sensible policies that provide ironclad physical safety and prevention of bullying will aid classroom learning and support mental health outcomes.

"Education is the key that unlocks the golden door to freedom." - George Washington Carver


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